Jin-Kyoung Huh

skyblue Frankfurt

skyblue Frankfurt 2010
period: 13 Mar. — 6 Apr, 2010, daily 8 a.m.
location: Robert-Mayer-Street, Frankfurt
medium: photography, digital image editing, acrylic painting on canvas
size: 80 x 40 cm

'Skyblue' elaborates the approach of 'DIC 515'. This time the object to be observed was the changing sky over a fixed location rather than a color template.

Photographing the sky at a set time of day, I then transformed the resulting image into an abstract color gradient using self-selected parameters in Photoshop before transferring these into acrylic on canvas by painting from my laptop monitor. The process was repeated for 25 days in sequence, with stripes of color gradients painted chronologically from left to the right. Each stripe represents one day.