Jin-Kyoung Huh

control card

control card
l.: template — control card'
(NOVOFLEX Praezisionstechnik Gmbh)
r.: artwork
period: 23 Dec. 2011 — 07 Jan. 2012
time: daily at 08 o'clock
location: Gutleut Strasse 08 — 12, Frankfurt
medium: acrylic painting on paper
size: 15 x 20 cm each piece

Standardized gray control-card of this kind is used by photographers to fine-tune exposure in photo shootings. In the piece 'control card' it was used as a medium by which to read lightning conditions from my surroundings instead.

For a time period of 14 days, I carried out the same process every day at 8 a.m.. I would hold the card next to my studio window in the Gutleut Strasse 08-12, Frankfurt am Main. I would then simulate the color I saw on the card using Photoshop and save the file generated in this way.

After the process had been carried out for the set amount of days, the colors generated on the individual days were arranged chronologically in horizontal strips with the earliest at the top and translated into acrylic on paper by working from the monitor.