Jin-Kyoung Huh


erasing shadow, 2012
location: Invalidenstr. 50/51, 10557 Berlin

erasing shadow, 2012
before the intervention

erasing shadow, 2012
after the intervention

This piece was made site-specifically during an artist residency at Halle am Wasser. Due to plural light sources, the door frame of the passageway between the gallery space and the adjacent living area creates lighting conditions in which the upper left corner of the frame casts multilayered shadows onto the frame.

In order to erase the shadows, I carried out an act of 'analogue Photoshopping' on the object itself by matching the tonal values of the entire frame with the darkest shadow using acrylic paint. The effect can only be perceived under certain conditions: The door must be open, all of the lights must be switched on, and it has to be dark outside.