Jin-Kyoung Huh



Dr. Ralph Fischer, cultural science studies and author
The poetics of the surface — On Jin Kyoung Huh’s landscape drawings, 2013
Die Poetik der Oberfläche — Zu Jin Kyoung Huh’s Landscape Drawings, 2013


Eva Huttenlauch, curator
Che SaRai? — groupshow, deutsch, 2014

Christian Kaufmann, art historian and curator
drüber drunter — Jin-Kyoung Huh & Bernd Thiele, deutsch, 2014

Christoph Schütte, author and journalist
(No) system error — On the customs of Jin-Kyoung Huh, 2013
(K)ein Fehler im System — Die Gewohnheiten Jin-Kyoung Huhs, 2013

Dr. Alice Lagaay, philosopher
I would prefer not to — Goekhan Erdogan & Jin-Kyoung Huh, english, 2012

Prof. Marc Ries, media sociology
Kollateralpoesie — Goekhan Erdogan & Jin-Kyoung Huh, deutsch, 2011