Jin-Kyoung Huh


Jin-Kyoung Huh
big skyblue Milan
period: 16 — 25 Oct. 2010, daily 8 a.m.
location: via anelli angolo, via crivelli, Milan
medium: photography, digital editing, acrylic painting on canvas spool
size: 220x500 cm

Goekhan Erdogan
self portrait, paper block
medium: print, glue
dimension: 29x41x4 cm

Jin-Kyoung Huh
small skyblue Berlin
period: 18 May — 06 Jun. 2010, daily 8 a.m.
location: Schererstr. 9, Berlin
medium: acrylic painting on canvas
size: 53x43 cm with frame, 2010

Giulia Ricci
animation installation
LCD Monitor, 2010

Xenia Lesniewski

Daniele Carpi
BEDROOM #2, 2010

'SATUS / Spazio Moris'
Emiliano Biondelli, Daniele Carpi, Goekhan Erdogan, Jin Kyoung Huh, Xenia Lesniewski, Giulia Ricci, Valentina Venturi

Spazio Morris is an experimental place, a research laboratory imagined by Alessandra Pedrotti Catoni and Vettor Marcello del Majno.

Spazio Morris is for the artists invited and for the collectors as well. It is a mix between a contemporary art gallery and a cultural salon; Spazio Morris is inside an old apartment in the heart of Milan which has been closed for almost 20 years. The visitors are received by recognizable signs left by the family who lived in there and 1950s-1990s furnitures.

Spazio Morris proposes to be a meeting point between the artists and the contemporary art system in Milan and to encourage a direct dialogue between artists collectors curators and critics.

The format is to invite for each show a different curator to frame the show or project.

Vernissage: 27.10.2010 / 18:30 P.M.
Finessage: 27.11.2010 / 18:30 P.M.
Location: via C. Crivelli Angolo, via L. Anelli, 20122, Milan, Italy